Top 5 Best Smartphones Under $700 In 2023

In the continuously evolving smartphone market, it is very hard to find best smartphones under your any budget. Specially in upper mid segment or lower flagship segment. Because the challenge is not the budget but the expectations. Because every buddy at this budget wants a product that can be capable of doing everything. For that reason, we did lot of researches, and curated a list of Top 5 Best Smartphones Under $700.

It will help you to find best smartphone under the budget range from $500 to $700, so let’s get started.

Are you in hurry to know Top 5 Best Smartphones Under $700

If you are in hurry and don’t want to see the complete guide just dive in the following list also you can buy these smartphones from these links without any extra cost.

Smartphone nameBuy Now
One Plus 10T 
Google pixel 7 5G 
Samsung Galaxy S22 5G 
Motorola Edge 30 Neo 
Honor 70 Dual Sim 

Buyer’s Guide for Top 5 Best Smartphones Under $700

Before getting into the details lets just see how we curated this list. What are the minimum parameters we followed to bring up the complete list that can help you to chose best smartphone for yourself under the $500 to $700 budget.

So, Top 5 Best Smartphones Under $700 must have these minimum configurations.

  1. Minimum 8GB RAM 128GB storage
  2. Minimum 20MP Camera
  3. 5G Unlocked for any GSM carrier
  4. Must be NEW not refurbished
  5. Android 12 or above (stock android is preferred)

So now according to these parameters lets see our list of Top 5 Best Smartphones Under $700.

ONE Plus 10T 16GB Ram 256GB Storage:

One plus 10T 5G is very powerful smartphone which comes under this budget. It has 6.67inch. 120hz AMOLED display which provides excellent performance while streaming videos and playing games.

One plus 10T is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 soc. And it has 16GB Ram and 256GB storage. And by the help of this hardware its performance is best in class.

Apart from that let’s see how its camera performs. It comes with 50MP+8MP+2MP triple camera setup in which 50MP one is primary lens and 8MP is ultrawide lens and 2MP is macro lens. It has very good quality at low lights.

ONE-PLUS-10T-5G Top 5 Best Smartphones Under $700

It has 16MP of front facing camera which also performs really well. But not as some of the other device in this list.

Talking about its battery performance it comes up with 4800 mAh battery which may be a disappointment for so many users. But if you deeply look at the list you will find that all the smartphones under this list doesn’t have battery capacity more than 4900mAh.

And to coverup this it comes with 125w super VOOC charging. Which is capable to charge this phone under 35 minutes.

Pros And Cons of ONE Plus 10T

High performance specs (SD 870 and 16GB Ram 256GB storage)No headphone jack
6.67-inch 120Hz displayNo IP Rating
Superfast 125watt charging supportNo wireless charging

Overall If your budget is under $700 this smartphone should be at the top priority, and that’s why this is no 1 in our list of top 5 best smartphones under $700. At last, we say it is value for money device. You can buy this from our below link.

Google Pixel 7 5G:

In our list of top 5 Best smartphones under $700 Google Pixel 7 5G is in second position. Here so many folks will say pixel 6pro is also there but keep in mind pixel 7 is latest in segment and we will only consider any older generation phone only if that is extraordinary or say any defining feature that is not with newer one.

So, let’s talk about pixel 7 5G it comes with 8GB Ram, 128GB storage and runs with stock android. Well, it is pixel phone although.

Google-Pixel-7-5G Top 5 Best Smartphones Under $700

Talking about its camera performance you can say it is best in class it comes with 12.2 MP primary camera in 16 MP ultra-wide-angle lens. Its colour generating capabilities is very good.

Talking about its 8 MP selfie shooter its also very good. And captures good image.

Let’s jump into the battery performance it has 4355 mAh battery which performs very well. And due to its OS is stock android which gives less stress to its hardware it uses less battery.

And last but not the least it comes up with Google Tensor G2 Titan M2security processor which is very smooth and efficient.

Pros And Cons of Google Pixel 7 5G:

Let’s see some pros and cons of Pixel 7 5G

Highly optimized specs for good performanceLimited availability
Camera performance is up to the markNo expandable storage
Long battery lifeNo audio jack

Overall Google Pixel 7 5G is very good phone in terms of camera performance and hardware to software optimization and that’s why it has made to our list of Top 5 Best Smartphones Under $700. It is in 2nd position in this list.

And you can also buy this phone from below link check it before Buying it.

Samsung Galaxy S22 5G:

Samsung galaxy S22 5G is in no 3rd position in our list of top 5 best smartphones under $700. Samsung galaxy s22 5G offers 8 GB Ram 128 GB storage and 6.2 inches Amoled display.

It comes with Snapdragon SM8450 gen 1 4nm process and adreno 73 GPU. Which performs very well.

Galaxy s22 5G has triple camera setup of 50MP + 10MP + 12MP first one is main camera second one is telephoto and third one is ultrawide it is also capable of taking 8k videos @24FPS.

samsung galaxy s22 Top 5 Best Smartphones Under $700

Talking about its front facing camera it is 10MP one and 4K capable. All this specs gets power from 3700 mAh battery which supports 25W fast charging.

It runs on android 12 and can be upgraded to android 13.

Pros And Cons of Samsung Galaxy S22 5G:

Lets see some of the pros and cons of the galaxy S22 in 3 points

High power processorNo micro-SD support
6.2-inch Amoled displayNo headphone jack
25W chargingAverage Battery Life with 3700 mAh Battery

Over all Samsung Galaxy S22 5G is very good smartphone at this price and offers very good value for money. And that’s why it is also in no 3rd position of our list of top 5 best smartphones under $700. If you are Samsung lover you can always consider this smartphone in your Priority.

You can Buy Samsung Galaxy S22 5G from Below Link.

Motorola Edge 30 Neo:

In our Top 5 best smartphones under $700 list, Motorola Edge 30 Neo is in No 4th position. It offers Snapdragon 695 (6nm) chipset and adreno 619 GPU . and powered with 8 GB Ram and 128 GB Storage.

Motorola Edge 30 Neo offers 6.28 inches P-OLED display and dual camera setup at back. It has 64 MP main camera And 13MP ultrawide camera. It has also come up with 32 MP front facing camera biggest in our list with honor70 also.

motorola edge 30neo 5G Top 5 Best Smartphones Under $700

Both the cameras are capable of taking HDR videos and Photos. But Pixel 7 camera is better than edge 30’s camera.

It has 4020 mAh Battery which is also very low but it supports 68W fast charging which helps battery to get charged quickly.

Pros And Cons of Motorola Edge 30 Neo:

Let’s see some of the pros and cons of the Motorola edge 30 Neo in three points.

Stock AndroidCamera performance is not up to the mark
68 W fast charging supportNo headphone jack
Well optimized with hardwareNo SD card support

Overall Motorola Edge 30 Neo is very good smartphone to be consider specially if you love stock android experience and good brand value as well rather than google pixel and Nokia.

And that’s why it has made to the no 4th spot in our list of top 5 Best smartphones under $700. You can definitely consider this.

You can also buy this smartphone from below link.

HONOR 70 Dual Sim:

Last but not the least in our list of top 5 best smartphones under $700 is HONOR 70 Dual sim. It comes with very impressive features.

It offers 120Hz 6.67 inches OLED Display and comes with snapdragon 778G + soc which is 6nm processor and has adreno 642L GPU.

HONOR 70 comes up with triple camera setup. It has 54MP wide + 50MP ultrawide + 2MP depth sensing camera which supports 4K 30FPS, it has 32MP selfie camera. It performs decently.

Honor 70 5G

Talking about its Ram and storage it has lots of options to consider but according to our budget 8GB Ram And 256 GB storage option is available. Which is again decent in this budget.

Talking about its battery performance HONOR 70 comes up with 4800 mAh Battery, which supports 66W fast charging. Which is a very good advantage of this smartphone.

Pros And Cons of HONOR 70:

Let’s see some of the pros and cons of the HONOR 70 in three points.

Storage options is very good 256 GBOS updates not Guaranteed
66 W fast charging supportNo headphone jack
Decent CameraNo SD card support

Overall HONOR 70 Dual is very good smartphone which offers lots of features under this budget such as 66W fast charging support, Good storage 256GB. Camera is also decent.

And just because of these speciality HONOR 70 gained no 5th spot in our list of top 5 best smartphones under $700. And you can definitely consider this as your next smartphone.

You can also buy this smartphone from below link.

Here you have seen our list of Top 5 Best Smartphones Under $700 list. We hope that we are successful in giving some value to you. Thanks for Reading the Full article.

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